Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Thing 24: Refresh Your Blog

After multiple attempts to give this blog a facelift by incorporating any one of the sweet blog templates I found on Pyzam [] -- and losing my avatar and all of my images each time I tried -- I decided that despite my careful following of directions, I was probably doing something extraordinarily wrong. To use one of the Pyzam templates without losing everything but my posts, I would have to copy and paste all of the code back into my blog. It wasn't worth the effort.

So, my new look came from one of the blogger templates (a relative of the one I used for the first 23 things). Prettier, I think; hopefully as clear and easy to read.
Not nearly as fun as a blog with a VanGogh painting as a backdrop, but, you can't have everything. If anyone has successfully used one of these templates, I'd sure like to know how.

My avatar's new as well -- summertime seemed to demand it.

Thing 23: Evaluation

Well, well, well...I've finally finished these Things! It's been a valuable experience, albeit an extraordinarily lengthy one -- at least for me. And there are 23 More now ... a never-ending process it would appear.

What I'd really like to see (or even help develop) is a version of 23 things specifically directed at our new to the web and new to 2.0 library patrons -- the kind of tutorial they might be willing to tackle once they complete our basic Internet classes and want to keep on learning.

Is anyone out there working on this?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Thing 22: Keeping Current

I added LibraryBytes as an RSS feed to follow, in order to keep up with changes; looking at the pile of my unread items to which I've subscribed, however, I don't know if, for me, following a feed is going to be a particularly effective way of staying current.

Working on the next 23 things will probably be just as effective, if not moreso, and I intend to start doing that as soon as the first set of Things is done. Nearly there...

Thing 21: Other Social Networks

Nearly at the end of all of these Things!

Joined the 23 Things on a Stick Ning group, sent a message to one of my colleagues; added a picture to my profile, and uploaded a bunch of photos to my page -- would have been easier if I could have done it directly from Picasa, but "sharing" a photo from a Picasa web album creates a mess with photo titles -- so I simply saved the photos to my computer and added photos from there. Nothing too exciting -- unless you want to look at some of my flower arrangements :)

Tried looking for NING friends from my AOL address book and gave up after the search went on...and on...and on...

Finally found the directions for adding a Ning badge to my blog.

Used Google to locate a florist's social networking site (on Chatter-media) and joined it -- but is sure doesn't look as if there's much activity there; British-based as well -- Think I'll look let that idea go, or look elsewhere.

Many Ning features are very similar to those on Facebook; not sure how many of these social networks I really need (or can possibly keep up with) -- I've even been neglecting my Facebook account for lack of time.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thing 20: Facebook

I've had a Facebook account for a good while now, and thoroughly enjoy using the network.

When I first signed up, I used the utility that allows you to upload your email address book and match it with other Facebook users. My AOL address book happened to include the contact information for the son of a dear friend of mine. I extended to him the invitation to "befriend" me on Facebook; he accepted -- giving me access to his list of friends...which turned out to include my own son (they've been buddies for years) -- using an email addy I had not know at all! And yes, my son was willing to be my friend...

For the purpose of this exercise, I've joined a couple of new groups -- FacebookAppsforLibraries and Library 2.0 Interest Groups. Lots of interesting reads -- more to keep up with.

Profile is still pretty bare-bones yet...bit by bit.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thing 19: Podcasts

Using the link to Minnesota Public Radio's podcasts and exploring from there, I found a very pleasant 2-minute gardening podcast, hosted by NPR member station WFIU, featuring master gardener Moya Andrews. Most apropos, since the gardening season is finally upon us.

For some reason, publishing the link as a link in this blog is a challenge -- the "insert link" function does not create a viewable link, so, should you want to listen, here's the URL for the podcast:

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Thing 18: YouTube and Other Online Video

I had a lot of fun exploring the video possibilities on YouTube; students are always looking for video resources relevant to their projects--this is one good source that I have learned to use for that purpose. Another good source (for YouTube and other internet video sources) is the video search engine

My current favorite YouTube offering (after starting to get series about my own pre-Passover cleaning) lightens up my mood. I think I need young helpers again.